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WHT report

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Hi All,

One of our clients, requesting a 1099 MICS report with csv formate, as I know we need to maintain manually the withholding tax base amount and percentage in the supplier invoice right?

At the time of payment system is showing an extra line item for Withholding tax. How can I get the total WHT report for the supplier-specific?



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HI Gangadhar,

To get a 1099Misc CSV format text file you need to maintain configuration EWT configuration 363650 and post an Inv's and payment documents and run Report RFIDYYWT with option text file generation. To get the latest CSV format please refer KBA 2919655 - US IRS New Withholding Tax Form 1099-NEC and Legal changes 2020 and 2973935 - FAQs on USA IRS TAX legal changes 2020.