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Wht is the reason for payment block if we done GR after the invoice ?

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Hi Team,

We have done an invoice for PO without GR. The invoice is now blocked for payment.

After that, we did GR for the same PO line item. 

1. After doing the GR, the payment block for the invoice will be reverted, right? Still, the invoice is displaying as payment for block. What would be the reason for blocking the invoice for payment?

The quantity invoiced and Gr have the same amount as well, but the invoice is blocked for payment?

2. When we checked the document workflow, GR and IR documents were not mapped. How can we map the GR and IR documents? 




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If the invoice is posted and blocked for payment, it can be or it has to be released by MRBR transaction. You may schedule MRBR in background with automatic release flag selection, which can release the cleared invoices automatically.