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While Process Payroll Getting LWF Error "No entries in table T7INU5"

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Hi. Experts,

Please give the suggestion how to solve error LWF while modifaing LWF of Karnataka employees in the table V_T7INU5–> LWKA02 2 9,999,999.99 20.00 40.00 And tableV_T7INU3—> LWF 10 LWKA02 9 Annually 01.01.1900 31.12.9999. Table V_T7INW3—>10 5.00 5.00 9 Annually INR 01.01.1999 31.12.9999.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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As per SAP note 973398 -Slab based LWF contribution and Universal contribution,

V_T7INU3 (Slab codes for states) should enable to have a separate slab code be defined which is date effective, and then have the rates for that slab code be maintained in V_T7INU5.

V_T7INU3- This view should be configured to return proper slab code based on the State (region) determined through view V_T7INU3. This slab code could be used to read the actual slabs and thus to determine the contribution amounts. Besides slab code, this view also contain other contribution parameters - first period of contribution in the financial year, the frequency of contribution, computation method of the contribution etc.

V_T7INU5 (Contribution Value for Each Slab)- This view should be configured with the actual contribution amounts against different slab ranges. It contains amount and rates for employee and employer contribution

Can you check the customizing for the two view in sequence as mentioned above , and check if you still get the error.

Thanks and Kind Regards


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Hi Satish,

you have delimit the previous record and create new record effective from April 2017 as follows below

LWKA02- 1- 9,999,999.00------ 20.00---------40.00

Sai Krishna