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While posting Asset acquisition.........

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Hi Gurus,

I am posting document (F-90).

It is giving following Error

"SYST: Abnormal termination (T_ANLB not equal to T_ANLC) Asset AUDL 000000040254-00"

Please clarify this. This is very urgent



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Answers (3)

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Hi Krishna,

Is this the first posting on this?

Have you changed the depreciation key? Ru then first AFAR - Recalculate Values

When not tray to reverse the other postings and psot them again.

Normal when you craete a posting it updates the table ANLC.

In ANLB you have the depreciation areas with depreciaton keys

In ANLC you have the calculates values/ posted values (for a fiscal year)

This problem is possible to when you have created an asset posting and deactived in the masterdata the depreciation area. In the masterdata it should not be possible to deativate a depreciation are.


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Double click on the error to know more details.

or, you can analyse by using SE16N (use 2 sessions for two tables provide company code and asset) and execute.



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hi Krishna,

check the entries in ANLB and ANLC for this asset. There should be one entry per depr. area in ANLB and one entry per depr. area and fiscal year in ANLC.

Acc. to the error message entry (entries?) is missing from any of these tables. I have no idea what could be the reason if yes...