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Which trxn for Support staff to terminate users in a Load Balance system

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We have trxn sm04, but it will only provide users that are logged into the system that you have been sent to in a load balance environment.

I was also considering al08, but that does not allow support staff to terminate users.

Is there another trxn?

Please advise, we want to determine a strategy for the support staff before we roll out load balancing to all SAP users



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Funny, i just read something about this recently.

I did a quick search and found this link ()

If this is what I'm thinking about, payroll dept can run a report to review locked records and even know them out of the system if needed.


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Hey Johathan,

Actually I beleive Payroll does lock some sessions, but it seems that the support staff want the option to be able to terminate staff as well. Not sure if I agree with this as sometimes it does cause issues and session don't always shutdown gracefully, and some take a while to release and clean up.

any other thoughts?