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Which transaction can change the order type

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Dear friends,

Please tell me the transaction code to change the ORDER TYPE.


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Answers (2)

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Hi You can use <b>VOV8 </b>for single sale order change If you want mass change u can use <b>MASS </b>t code

For Billing document you can use <b>VTFL</b>

For Mass Change refer below

There is transaction MASS which can be used to carry out mass changes in the sales order and other objects.

Mass Maintenance: (Use to change multiple fields in multiple documents at the same time). I have done mass change for customers; and orders should work the same way too.

1) Try t-code [MASS] and select sales orders & execute

2) Choose the table or tables for your selection criteria and also for fields you want to change.

Then execute. (suppose your selection criteria fields are from "sales order header data" table and the field you want to change, is in "item data" table)

3) Put in the sales documents(21000000, 21000001) you want to change and also the items(10) you want to change.

- click on " choose selection fields" button

- From the Pool, move the fields you want to the "select fields" using arrows.

4)From mass maintenace menu, click on "Enter new field values"

-click on "sales order item data" tab and choose the field you want to change.

(for example. I want to change plant for item 10)

-enter the new value (of the plant to be)

-click on "Adopt" and execute

5)In "sales order item data" tab, you see the new value of the plant you entered at the top and the old values of item 10 are below.

-click on "change field values" button. you see all the old values are changed to new values.


Note: it will take some time depending on how many records you have.

Check: Go to [SM37] and see the status of the job you are running and once finished, export the spool file to a spreadsheet.

Before you do mass maintenance, go to the particular table in [se16] and get the results. Then do the mass maintenance and compare the results with this one. If they match, then you are good to go.

Note: If you have any user exits that affect the results, ask them to deactivate the MODCHECKS still you are done with mass maintenance & activate them again.

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Use <b>VOV8</b> to configure the Sales Document Type (<b>Order Type</b>)