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Which table does structure RWCOOM access?

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Hi to All,

I am currently using SAP 4.6C version.

I am using the report S_ALR_87013648 - Area: Actual/Budget/Commitments under controlling. It mentions that it uses the structure RWCOOM under library 1CT - 1SET-001.

But i want to know which table does it access to view its content.

And when ever i enter budget using the KPZ2, this report always shows the double of it, for eg if i will enter 12 the report will show 24.

Your comments will be appreciated.

thanking you all in advance.

Samad Farooq Dandiya

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check Note 720832 - RWCOOM: Reports with double values if it helps.



Customer-specific reports, that have been defined by means of reporting table RWCOOM, display double or multiple values in individual lines.

Other terms


Reason and Prerequisites

The problem is caused by a program error.

The error only occurs if different accrual calculations are used for the fiscal year and the period in different lines/columns of the report and if the selection is carried out via large groups.


Implement the program correction.

Header Data

Release Status: Released for Customer

Released on: 23.03.2004 17:04:39

Priority: Correction with medium priority

Category: Program error

Primary Component: CO-OM-IS Information System, iViews



Component Release From

Release To

Release And


SAP_APPL 46C 46C 46C

SAP_APPL 470 470 470

SAP_APPL 500 500 500

Or Note 111984


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Hi Karthik,

Thank you very much for the helping me out.

The note you referenced , I implemented on my test server yesterday. But when i checked the output it was giving the same. Although, Note was sucessfully implemented. But it is giving the same result, that is doubling the values what we are entering using the tcode: KPZ2.

It would be grateful, if you can help me on this.

Thanking You once again and looking forward for your respnse.

Samad Farooq

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Samad,

There are so many underlining tables that the structure access for its contents. To see these tables, do the following.

1. Execute transaction code <b>SE11</b>->Insert Structure <b>RWCOOM</b>-><b>Display</b>

2. Highlight <b>RWCOOM</b>-> Click on "<b>Where-Used List</b>" icon -> Select all objects in the pop-up window -> Click the green tick. Say Yes to the next Pop-up window.

3. About 6 different programs would be displayed for you. Select <b>SAPFCOOM</b> (CO-OM-IS: Form Pool for Report Writer Table RWCOOM) -> Click on <b>Display</b> icon

4. You would see the Subroutine used in filling the structure and the name of the Table is <b>T804E</b>

5. Open another session and execute transaction code <b>SE11</b> again with table <b>T804E</b> -> Display -> Click on the "<b>Content</b>" icon on the application toolbar (4th from the right) -> Execute

You would see all the tables used by this structure for viewing its content.

I hope the above helps.

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