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Which property is the unique identity for a company beside DB name

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Hi everyone,

I would like to distinguish the company, I know for a company DB name is unique,however, database can be restored from other company database.

is there any information for one company cannot be changed from SAP UI once it created, and when company DB restored from other company DB, I can compare the new value with last I saved value and know this database different with the original company database. I have considered about company name, in different company DB the company name different, but company name can be changed from SAP B1 Company details window.

In one words, I want to know which is the company level identity.

Thinks in advance!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kathy,

To my knowledge there's no unique identifier.

However, it seems that you cannot change the company address (OADM.CompnyAddr) - at least in 2005 SP01; maybe this could help?

In addition there are a couple of other settings which cannot be changed once set and transactions booked...

Would that give you a bit of what you want?



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Fank thanks for your replying,

The company’s address can not change once it create, it’s true, this property seems can be the identifier, However, company address can be blank, if this property is mandatory property that would be the unique identifier. My purpose to find a unique identifier is to distinguish the different company’s database, because one company’s database can restore to another company, I want to know if the company is the same one, not from the other backup database.

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