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which model wagetypes for UK PAYROLL

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what r the model wage types to create customer wagetypes for salary,additional and reccuring payments and deductions.

thanks and regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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M010 Monthly salary (ind.eval)

M012 O/time x 1.25

M014 O/time x 1.50

M016 O/time x 2.00

M018 O/time x2 BkHy

M019 BkHol OT at formula rate

M110 Salary

M120 Backd.salary award,leaver

M350 Gross Up Tax, Ni, Pen

M351 Gross Up Tax, Pen

M352 Gross Up Tax, Ni

M353 Gross Up Tax

M360 Salary FOT setoff refund

M716 Holiday pay allowance 1

MAWE SMP AWE no payroll hist.

MENI ME NI Arrears(workaround)

MESL ME: Clear Std Loan

MEX1 External payments

MJ10 Accom./tax-exempt TM

MJ11 Accom./taxable TM

MJ20 Meals/tax-exempt TM

MJ21 Meals/taxable TM

MJ30 Trav.costs/tax-exempt TM

MJ31 Car allowance/taxable TM

MJ32 Car allow./tax-exempt TM

MJ40 Other costs - TM

MJ50 Entertainment costs - TM

MJ61 Trip accomm.paid by comp.

MJ62 Trip meals paid by comp.

MJ63 Trip trav.costs comp.paid

MJ64 Other trav.costs pd by co

MJ65 Entrtnmt pd by comp. TM

MJ70 Statement wage type TM

MJ90 Travel advance

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Hi Ram,

thanks for ur quick reply.r they related to UK payroll model wagetypes.



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