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which is solution for selling from company to branches ?

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Hi all

I have a company X and some branches. Company actually sell goods to branches and issue invoices (not a consignment). Branches sell goods to agents and end-customers, they just sent tax report to government.

Company report balance sheet, P&L to government, branches not report balance sheet, P&L to goverment.

I can't set up each branches like a company code because they actually not a legal company and implementation cost will be high

I can't set up each branches like a business area because Business area can't not have a tax report.

If I setup Comany X = company code and each branches is a plant, can company make sale order and issue invoice to branch ? can each branch has a tax report ?

Please help me

Thanks & best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Quang DD

you can define your branches as plants and create your branches as internal customers you can run transactions from branches and maintain seperate pricing procedure as requires

and ful fill stock transport requirements in img > material management > purchasing > purchase order > set up stock transport order and give branch (plant)as customer and sales area.

i think it solve your problem


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Hi Bvdv Prasad

Which follow function you use in my case?

1./ Stock Transport Order Without Delivery

2./ Stock Transport Order with Delivery via Shipping

3./ Stock Transport Order with Delivery and Billing Document/Invoice

With function 2, we will input delivery cost into PO --> not a selling price

With function 3, i don't know does that function use for 2 plant in one company code ?

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We can declare all the branch offices as the sales offices as internal organisational elements. Take the sales office as the criteria in the key combination in pricing and redetermine along with taxes in the billing document(copy controls pricing type G).

Then the sales offices can be declared as virtual plants in the SAP system.

Assign another pricing procedure for the sales from sales offices.

Try this out.

Reward points if helpful.



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