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Which idoc type allows to send plant/sloc info to external system?LOISM001?

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Dear EDI Experts,

we are looking for a solution for the following issue:

An external system (Mobile solution) shall get plant/stock info from SAP ERP.


1.Plant/Slocation is NOT empty, e.g. Material 1100 -> 100 PC

2. Stock is posted to Pant/Sloc, e.g. Material 1110 -> 50 PC + Mat. 1200 -> 80 PC

For the stock movement idocs can be generated BUT we need ALL stock of Plant/Sloc in idoc

-> 100 PC of 1100

-> 50 PC of 1110

-> 80 PC of 1200

As far as I know NO standard IDOC type exists which offers to transfer such info.

I came across the LOISM001 (to be triggered via transaction POIT) idoc which may meet the requirments. BUT it creates an idoc per material.


1. LOISM001: Is there any chance to combine all materials of a plant/storage location to ONE idoc?

2. Any other idoc type suitable and how to trigger automatically?

Many thanks



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Hi !

You may check out the PROACT01.

It's designed to transmit stock data.

Hope that helped a bit.


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Hi Rainer,

thanks a lot for your help.

PROACT01 is an option too but we are now using LOISM001 with some extension and all is fine.