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Where the fire protection systems should be created in the asset hierarchy?

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We are implementing SAP Plant Maintenance and currently defining Object Types and Equipment structure.

One dilemma we have is about Fire Protection equipments (Extinguishers, sprinklers, hydrants, etc...)

Some say we should create a branch called "Services" and put all fire equipment in there.

Therefore creating a copy of the actual production assets because we need to know which areas are protected how.

In our older systems, we created those equipments in the FLOC that it is covering.

But that means different cost centers for equipments under a same FLOC.

What is best ?

We do not want to maintain equipments in two areas.

We need to be able to track the actions on those fire equipments for insurance requirements.

Cost tracking will eventually become a requirement, but is not the focus right now.


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I saw somthing about Object Links.

Could this be the answer?