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Where is ADRN2 field in SA BAPI BUS2012

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We have to populate address number under delivery address tab in SA and we are creating SA using LSMW BAPI method .

So wanted to know under which structure (from below mentioned) at step4 ADNR2 field is available so that field mapping can be done at step5. Also would appreciate if you can pin point the field at step 5 for the same.

E1PURSAG_CREATE Header segment <<<<

E1BPMEOUTHEADER Header Data Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTHEADERX Header Data Change Parameter Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTADDRVENDOR Address Structur Vendor Address

E1BPMEOUTADDRVENDOR1 Address Structur Vendor Address

E1BPMEOUTEIKP Foreign Trade Data Header - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTEIKPX Foreign Trade Data Header - Change Par. Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTTECH Technical Parameters for Outline Agreement BAPIs

E1BPMEOUTITEM Item Data of Contract

E1BPMEOUTITEM1 Item Data of Contract

E1BPMEOUTITEMX Item Data Change Parameter for Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTACCOUNT Account Assignment Data - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTPROFITSEGMENT Acct Assgt: Prof. Segment Calc. (CO-PA) Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTACCOUNTX Account Assignment Data - Change Parameter - Outl. Agreement

E1BPMEOUTSCHEDULE Delivery Schedule Line Data Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTSCHEDULEX Schedule Line Data - Change Parameter - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTCOMPONENT Component Data - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTCOMPONENTX Component Data - Change Parameter - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTSHIPP BAPI Shipping Data for Stock Transport Orders

E1BPMEOUTSHIPPX BAPI Shipping Data Change Parameter

E1BPMEOUTSHIPPEXP Export Structure for Shipping Data

E1BPMEOUTADDRDELIVERY PO Item: Address Structure BAPIADDR1 for Inbound Delivery

E1BPMEOUTADDRDELIVERY1 PO Item: Address Structure BAPIADDR1 for Inbound Delivery

E1BPMEOUTVALIDITY Validity Periods of Conditions

E1BPMEOUTVALIDITYX Change Parameter - Validity Periods for Conditions

E1BPMEOUTCONDITION Master Conditions in Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTCONDITIONX Change Parameter - Master Conditions in Outline Agreement


E1BPMEOUTITEMSCALEQUAN Quantity Scales for Conditions

E1BPMEOUTEIPO Foreign Trade Data - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTEIPOX Foreign Trade Data - Change Parameter - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTITEMTEXT Text Data - Outline Agreement

E1BPMEOUTTEXT Header Text - Outline Agreement



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