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Where do we validate conditions of 'Suitability' in Plant Maintenance??

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We define 'Suitability' in plant maintenance task list data. It is used to define some conditions which are important to perform some specific operation. Suppose we define in the configuration that for plant 1000, to perform a welding, welding certificate is required. A Suitability with suitability key '10' is defined.

Now, I have to perform a maintenance operation i.e. welding, and want to apply the suitability. I can't find any option in the Task List to enter the suitability, then how to validate that to perform that operation, a person with welding certificate will do the operation??

Please suggest.

Thank You.


Rupesh Kumar.

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Rupesh Kumar

Some questions:

  • Have you decided that the task list is the place for the suitability data to reside?
  • Would you set the suitability at task list header, or operation level?
  • What would you expect to happen when the task list data is copied into a PM/CS order?


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Hello Pete,

Here are the answers:

  1. Yes. There is a specific operation (welding), which will always be done by a person with welding certificate. I want to define an operation in the task list for welding and there I want to assign the 'Suitability', so that whenever the operation is performed, the suitability is checked.
  2. I want to set the 'Suitability' at operation level but also would like to know if it can be done at header level and if yes then how.
  3. Suppose I have set the 'Suitability' but how would the worker/planner know (just by seeing the operation) that suitability has been set and person with specific qualification/certificate needs to be taken. So, for that purpose, I want to have some indicator or message or anything that indicates or reminds that the operation should be done by a specific worker.

Please let me know if any more clarification is needed.

Thanks for your quick reply. Please suggest any solution.