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Where are archive link photos stored and how to get list of photos?

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what table are the archive link photos stored in and how can you get a list of all the photos?

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Hi David,

In addition to the detailed explanation presented by Sarah, in order to see the photo list, you can go to OAAD t-code - From the top menu - Stored Documents - Documents- Find documents - Business Object = PREL & Document type = HRICOLFOTO -> Execute.



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Good morning,

If you wish to store photos you must configure a two digit id eg. Z1 archive in tx OAC0. This archive must point to a third party

archive system that is either 0031 or 0045 Archivelink certified via the TCP/IP connection (TCP/IP destintation in transaction SM59). This content repository must also be linked to the PREL object type in transaction OAC3.

Please note that you can only store documents either in a third party server system or else you can install the SAP Content Server. You cannot store the documents in a file directory as the ArchiveLink uses a communication protocol that does not support the use of a file directory.

You should take a look at the online help under the menu Basis -> Basis Services -> SAP Archivelink for a more detailed description. You can find a link to the SAP Content Manger software in the SAP Service Marketplace under the alias 'Archivelink' (

In the content server documentation it says ->

If no entry is made for HTTP script then ContentServer/ContentServer.dll is used.

The transfer directory is a file path that is mounted and accessible to the Content server for file transfer in your system.

You will have therefore to enter an existing mounted path or create a new one.

From the Content Server side, please note the following:

please check some setting:

- You need to create a repository (e.g. A2 or Z1) on the content server. For SAP content server this can be done with TA CSADMIN.

Have you done this?

- Have you send and activated the certificate? This is needed to use signed urls.

- Have you done the cutomizing in TA OAC0?

- Please check the repository by running report RSCMTH0.

Any error messages?

- Try the same with rfc destination SAPHTTP instead SAPHTTPA.

Any error messages?

Within SAP Content Server Installation Guide 6.20 it is desribed

this way:

Creating Content Repositories

1. In transaction CSADMIN, create at least one content repository for your Content Server. Make sure that you change the pre-set ContentStorageName from SDB to the name of the database instance you set during the installation procedure.

2. Send a certificate to your repository and activate the certificate.

3. From the tab page Detail, call up transaction OAC0, so that you can make the repository known in the SAP System.

Please also follow the instructions in the attached note 488281 to link an employee photo to your infotype header.

1. The pictures (.jpg or .bmp) must be available on your PC.

2. Start transaction OAAD.

3. Choose function 'documents -> create'

4. Choose as business object 'PREL' and as document type 'HRICOLFOTO'

5. Push the create button

6. Fill in the appropriate personnel number

Hope this help