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When starting the Add-on: Connection timed out issue

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When starting the Add-on: Connection timed out issue


We have a client in SAP 2005 PL 44.

I built the add-on for them using simple installer wizard ( I tried advanced set-up also).

When starting the add-on, I get the message 'Connection Timed Out'.

Add-on status is failed.

But the add-on is actually connected. i.e, The functionality associated with the add-on is working fine.

I had SAP 2007 before and un/reinstalled SAP 2005 in order to connect with this client.

I had built the same add-on in a similar way for the same client for lot many times in the past, but I never got this issue.

I tried the following:

1) Delete SM_OBS_DLL and un/reinstall DI API

2) un/reinstall B1DE

Always I'm getting this error.

Please let me know your inputs.



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Hi Geetha,

The timeout issue has been discussed quite a bit already on this forum. Please do a search or look at these threads:



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Thanks Aravind.

There is a good amount of information in these threads.