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When creating a partial settlement rebate order the payer is incorrect

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Hello all,

I am trying to figure out why my partial rebate settlement order type is choosing the sold to party as the payer when the on the customer master the only payer available is a different number.


in the customer master i have SP 4002347, PY 4001460.

when i create the rebate agreement i have both of these values checked for rebate relevance.

when i am paying the rebate out to customer 4002347, the reb partial settlement order is coming out with 4002347 as both the sold to and payer.

is it possible for this order type to choose the payer that is listed on the customer master? I have tried multiple scenarios where i changed the partner determination in this type of sales order but beleive it should function as a standard sales order does.

Please help


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Hello Grant,

Please check Point 2c in the Note 75778.



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In all rebate credit memos created for a rebate arrangement, the

rebate recipient is used as the sold-to party, as the payer and

also as the ship-to party. The system behavior in respect of these

three partner functions is predefined and cannot be influenced.

example, the the system does not determine an alternative payer

from the customer master record of the sold-to party.

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Do you choose the correct payer when creating rebate agreement?

Go to your rebate agreement -> Go to->Header-> Partner and see your payer got the correct code or not.


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Hi Dick,

Rebate Agreement is created for Payer.

So, the Rebate discount is also given to the Payer only.

Hence the Payer must be relevant for Rebate which you have already done by activating the Rebate check box in the Custo mer master of the Payer.

Rebate settlement:

Rebate is settled through a Rebate Credit memo.

This Rebate Credit memo is created with reference to the "Rebate Cr memo Request" which is automatically generated by the system when we go for Rebate settlement.


As Rebate is given to the Payer, system copies the Payer to the Credit memo request.

"Rebate Credit memo request" is an Order type which requires a Sold-to-Party to be created.

Therefore, your Payet must have been defined as a Sold-to-Party if you want to give him the Rebate discount.

A Customer who is exclusively a Payer can not be used as a Sold-to-Party.

You are missing here in the above step.

So, first define the Customer 4001460 as a Sold-to-Party and the assign it as a Payer in the Customer master data of the Customer 4002347.