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What user exist we maintain if payment receiving method is debit card or credit card ?

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Dear Fi gurus

i am sd consultant , i want to know one thing regarding Userexist program while receiving payment via debit card or credit card or coupons from the customer , what user exist we will maintain

ex: in big bazar like malls payment receiving   transactions will be made by both ( money and debit card or credit card ) so then this is not possible in sap so what user exist we have to maintain

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Answers (3)

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Hi Venu,

You are taking about the tender types in IS retail. Correct. If yes,maintain different tender types in POS system & fetch the sales data agaisnt tender types.

While uploading the payment like debit card / credit card ,you have saggrigate those payments through different document types.

Othewise if you want to saggrigate tender sales in SAP in FI modules,you must maintain different document type like RV - Cash sales , CC - Credit card sales like that you have to maintain document types in customization. I hope you are clear.


Mani Kumar

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What are exactly trying to solve for here?. Are you trying to clear a regular invoice through a credit card payment?. Can you be more specific about your business scenario.



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Hi Venu,

can you check whether MV45AFZH is feasible for your requirement?