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What table stores the account assignment for Planned services on a PO?

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Hi all,

I cannot find the table that stores the account assignments for the planned services on a purchase order. I am extracting data for conversions (SAP to SAP) and I need to know what table stores the acct assignment for the service details.

Example, PO set with item category D, external services. Go to services tab, and there are 3 planned services listed, each referencing a different GL & cost center combination.

I have gotten the planned service details (description, qty, price, uom, etc...) from ESLL, tracing through from the package number on EKPO to the parent package on ESLL and then the subpackage numbers again in ESLL. I have all the details for the planned service lines except acct assignment. Table EKKN stores the account assignment for the PO line, and I can see a summary of the assignments there, with an overall distribution percentage, but no direct link between this information and the planned lines.

I also tried going to ESKN (which is what is referenced in the technical help). But either it's not there, or I cannot duplicate the correct key to extract from this table. It does not use the package number or the subpackage numbers that I can tell.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Account Assignment is in EKKN table. Even if you have multiple planned services per PO line, account assignment is done at PO line level. Once service entry is made, you can see the Account assignment in ESKN table based on actuals.

You can also use BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL1 to get all details in the PO.



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Thank you Venu for responding. It sounds like ESKN is only used for the account assignments of the service entry sheets, and that seems to make more sense to me.

However, I still have a question.

Example: PO line 1, for $1000

3 planned services on PO line 1 - on Services tab

1. Labor $600 Acct assignment entered with GL 1234 and cost center ABC

2. Rental $300 Acct Assignment entered with GL 6789 and cost center ABC

3. Provided materials $100 Acct Assign with GL 6789 and cost center ABC.

If I display the PO, I can see the individual acct assignments associated with each one of the planned lines. If I look at EKKN, I see two records, because the PO line is distributed. It shows the first (with Sequence 1) at 60% on the distribution, and the sequence 2 record with 40% distribution - the sum of planned services 2 & 3 b/c they are the same account. Yet, SAP has to be tracking the individual accounts that were entered on each planned line. Where is that detail?