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What's the meaning of BA, SL, PU?

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Hi, friends

When we post GI and if the stock is not enough, we always meet this kind of error message like "Deficit of BA..." , "Deficit of SL...", "Deficit of PU GR..." and so on.

I only know that it differs from different cases of stock type, but don't know what each abbreviation means.

Could anyone tell me what's the exact meaning of BA, SL, PU? And other abbreviations if there exist.



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u can get the details by F4 option, see the blw details

The abbreviations in the short text of this message can have the following values:

BA = batch

OR = order

PL = plant

PR = previous period

PU = purchasing document

RE = reservation

SL = storage location

VC = consignment stock from vendor in storage location

Edited by: Jayakumar Raju A.S on Jun 8, 2009 7:26 AM