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What's the importance of the user DDIC in the Migration Cockpit?


Dear SAP Support,

We currently have a business requirement of deactivating the user DDIC in our SAP S/4HANA 2022 system, but after doing so, all processes and activities of the Migration Cockpit have stopped working.

Could you explain how the user DDIC interacts with the Migration Cockpit and how could we mitigate such situation?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Data Migration team

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Dear team,

The processes and activities you mentioned (from the Migration Cockpit) are jobs automatically scheduled by the Technical Job Repository, which require a stepuser to properly work. The stepuser is a user with the Profile SAP_ALL assigned to it (or SAP_APP, if SAP_ALL isn't possible), which will be used to manage and schedule jobs for the Migration Cockpit.

When no stepuser is maintained for the system, it may automatically use the user DDIC as its stepuser, to allow the job scheduling and management to continue working properly.

Since the jobs stopped working when the user DDIC was deactivated, it seems that no stepuser was maintained for your SAP S/4HANA system. This can be confirmed by executing the transaction SJOBREPO_STEPUSER in it. If a stepuser is maintained, it will be listed by the transaction.

If no stepuser is listed though, the process in SAP's Help Portal should be followed to create one and continue the job scheduling in the Migration Cockpit:

Further information about the job scheduling in the Migrate Your Data app and the Migration Cockpit can also be found in the KBA below:

I hope this helps with your query!

Best regards,
SAP Support