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What means negative stock config

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Hi, All,

There is technique term negative stock for storage location? what means negative?

Where to configure negative stock indicator in the SPRO?

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if you are issuing material even though there is no stock with you, that is the negative stock for that storage location.

In sap you need to allow for this functioning at SPRO > MM > inventory management and physical inventory > goods issue / transfer posting > allow negative stocks select your plant and storage location and make tick mark for the check box

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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How do I remove negative stock in SAP?

If you "have" the stock availible on the system you can create a TO to the storage type that you want the negative stoc to be removed form. Example: according to the system you have a qty of 15 availible in Sloc 0122 s-type 908. You have a negative qty of 8 in the same sloc but in stype 902
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Only those materials for which negative stocks is activated in the material master, will be allowed to have negative stocks.

Customizing: transaction OMJ1 - Allowing Negative Stocks.

First level: Valuation area.

Choose for which valuation area you want to allow negative stocks and activate the flag.

Select the line of that valuation area and go to the plant level.

Second level: Plant.

When only one plant exists for that valuation area (this will always be the case in case the valuation area is defined as a plant), you see immediately a details screen with special stocks.

Choose the special stocks that may go negative. Next use F3 or the green arrow to return to the overview of the plants. Select the plant and go the the storage location level.

Third level: Storage Locations.

Select for which storage locations negative stock is allowed.

Save the whole lot.

Negative stock will now be allowed in the selected storage locations for all materials that have the negative stock indicator activated in the material master in the storage 2 view.

may help u

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To use negative stocks, you have to allow negative stock in customizing in t.code OMJ1

For more check the linkS;


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