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What is Variant configuration..?

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Our clinet requirement is do use Variant Config, can anyone tel me How to do Variant Configuration.

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Answers (4)

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Check this link... you will find everything in detail about VC...



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You can have a look on below mentioned thread.


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see the following step which may help for config matrl

1. Create Characteristics by using T - code /NCT04

2. Create Classes by using T - code /NCL01

3. Create Configurable Material by using T - code /NMMK1

4. Create BOM for Configurable Material by using T - code /NCS01

5. Create Class for Configurable Material by using T - code /NCL01

6. Create Finish Materials by using T - Code /NMMF1

7. Create Semi Finish Materials by using T - code /NMMB1

8. Create Raw Materials by using T - code /NMMR1

9. Create BOM for Semi Finish and Finish Materials by using T - code /NCS01

10. Create Cost Center

11.Create Work Center

12.Create Routing for Semi Finish and Finish Materials by using T - code /NCA01

13. Assign the Routings by using T -code /NMM02

14. Create Configuration Profile by using T - Code /NCU41

15. Assign Objects/Classes to Class by using T - code /NCL24N.

Consider only Classes of type 200, i.e., Characteristics Classes.

Enter Class and Class Type.

Then, click on New Assignment, select Material, continue.

Then, enter materials in the specified space.

16. Change Configurable Material using T - Code /NMM02

Next is Planning Procedure.

1. Create Customer Independent Requirements using T - code /NMD81

2. Run Make - To - Order Planning, Multi Level using T - Code /NMD50

3. Check Stock/Requirements List using /NMD04.

Then, convert Planned Order to Production Order.



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Variant Configuration is useful if you have a large number of combination of parts that go into a product. It means different permutations and combinations of the parts for same material. If you maintain a unique material code for each possible combination of parts, you require a large number of material numbers. usually involves Make to Order Production Process

Examples: A customer ordering a computer can choose different combinations of monitor, CPU, keyboard. A customer ordering a car can choose different combinations of accessories and a business involving steel manufacturing, the customer may order steel involving different physical properties like tensile strength, diameter.

Variant configuration is integrated with the following applications:

CA Classification

LO Material Master

PP Bill of Material

PP Routings

PP Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

PP Production Orders

PPu2013PI Master Recipes

CO Costing

SD Sales

SD Conditions

MM Purchasing

Configuration settings for VC

OMS2: In definition of KMAT Material Type, indicator u2018Material is Configurableu2019 is set

Other material types like FERT (Finished Product) can also be used if the indicator is set in material master

VOV4: Item Category determination is set to determine item category TAC

Condition types VA00 and VA01 (%) are available in Standard SAP for Variant Pricing

The requirement class controls the MRP and the requirements consumption strategy as well as the relevancy for planning, settlement profile for costing.

Requirements type KEK is determined for strategy group 25 and also for item category TAC.

CT04: Create characteristics

Data type can be CHAR, NUM, DATE, TIME, CURR

Tables / Structures whose filed values can be changed by dependencies:

SDCOM - Communication between SD and Variant Configuration

VCSD_UPDATE - Table for Updating Sales Documents from the Configuration


Tables / Structures whose filed values can be read by dependencies:



CT04: Create characteristics

Object dependencies like pre conditions, selection condition, action, procedures can be created for characteristics

Object dependencies like pre conditions, action, procedure can be created for characteristic values

CL01 /CL02: Create class under class type 300 for Variants

Assign the characteristics to the class.

During Material Master creation for Super BoM, this class will be used in the Classification view

There are many more seetings which needs to be considered but please try the initials settings and let me know if there are any issues