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What is use of u201CFindu201D check-box in u201CUser-Defined Object Registrationu201D?

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Can anyone please explain ....What is use of u201CFindu201D check-box in u201CUser-Defined Object Registrationu201D u2013 Wizardu2019s u201CModifying Servicesu201D step?

And as a consequence -

What does it mean by u201Cu2018List ofu2019 windowu201D in u201CModifying the fields for Findu201D step of the same above wizard?

In SAP B1 2007 B SP 0 PL 7.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Narottam

When you select the option Find as service on User Define Registration Wizard, it does not work in default form window.

This service enables the Choose from list dialog box in the application in Find mode

An example:

1) We create two different UDO TEST and TEST1. In TEST the Find option are not define on UDO services in wizard. On the other hand the Find option is define on TEST1.

2) After completion on UDO Registration we found two object TEST and TEST1.

3) Now we create a form using screen printer and take two EditText, one for TEST and Another for TEST1.

4) Now we can set a CFL in two different text boxes. In 1st text box define CFL_2 the object type is TEST and the 2nd text box define CFL_3 the object type is TEST1.

5) Now preview the form and press tab in both textbox1 textbox2.

6) When press tab in 1st textbox where define the CFL_2, it gives an error message.

7) When press tab in 2nd textbox where define the CFL_3, it show the UDO default form which you are created using UDO Registration wizard and it also a Find Service.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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sorry this problem was not solved at this reply...

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