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What is the use of condition type 'STOC' in the S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition?

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What is the use of condition type 'STOC' is then for? You should be able to see this condition type if you open 'Change Determination Records' app.

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Dear SAP Community,

The condition type 'STOC' is used for stock determination. It is used to determine the stock type for a particular material during sales order processing. 

When a sales order is created, the system checks the stock type of the material based on various factors such as plant, storage location, and availability. The condition type 'STOC' is used to determine the appropriate stock type for the material based on these factors.

Regarding the App "Change Determination Records - Master Data", you can use the app to enable the system to find a packing instruction by specific characteristics.

You define a packing instruction/reference packing instruction that refers to specific characteristics, such as material/reference material and ship-to party. If you now want to pack this specific material for this specific ship-to party, the system can find the predefined packing instructions and use them to create one or more HU proposals that exactly fit the requirements of the customer. Packing instruction determination thus automates the packing process.

To enable the packing instruction determination, see Creating Determination Records.

I hope this helps!

Thank you and best regards,

SAP Support.


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Lets take an example: Condition Type 0OBD (for WM managed location) and SHIP (for IM managed location) is to determine auto packaging during outbound process. in 'Create Determination Record for Pkg Instruction'. How STOC condition type is different. I am not clear what you mean by stock type. When and how do i use STOC for auto packaging. Is this for auto packaging for warehouse stock (not attached to any orders yet)? Thanks