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What is the table name for work order operation longtext?

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We have to extraxt the data out from SAP and need to know the table name for work order operation longtext.

May somebody knows this table already?

Thank you very much for your help.



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Answers (4)

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Thank you.. your blog helped me and saved my time. Appreciate it !!!

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Chriistian Barbey,

It is an ABAPers job of extracting Long texts from different SAP objects. We need to refer to the Long text header details. This you will get from the respective long text page through menu GoTo --> Header. In your case it is operation longtext of PM order. We get this pop-up.

You can see how Function Module READ_TEXT  works in extracting these text lines trough tcode SE37.

Enter FM name in SE37 and click Test icon.Give these values from the text header (Compare the values in both screens.(above and below).

Now Click Execute  shown above. See what happened below

The LINES table is filled with 7 records, means your longtext has been divided into 7 shortlines and presented to you through internal table LINES.

(Ignore the blank lines) Your ABAPer will be using this LINES table to give you the full text against each operation.

Lastly, one field value needs explanation. i.e., text name 400100140302700000003   How this is constituted. This is a combination of client number, and then AUFPL field value of the Operation and then the APLZL field value of the Operation . Now you know the client number (400). How do you get the rest two.

In Tcode SE16, with table value VIAUF_AFVC, just pass Order number you will get these values. See this picture. (Remember, our operation number is 3)

Hope this post helps you and your ABAPer.

Jogeswara Rao K

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I want to add some more info to Jogeswara reply.

If you want to fetch these long text information in ALV grid report, there is limitation max. 128 characters.

Other alternatives is pop window for Long text information using sort of hyperlink in ALV report.



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You can't get via the table as its stored in"clusters"..

You will need to use function module READ_TEXT.


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Hi Christian,

Please have a look at this blog post:

According to my (poor) knowledge, there is no classical table which you can list with SE16 or fetch together with SQVI.