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what is the different between vk11 and vk31

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tell me what are differents between vk11 and vk31

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They are the same really. VK31 came with a later SAP release and some

people say it is easier to use than VK11. In the end they are both used

for condition records.

Actually,the difference between VK11 and VK31 is that VK31,

VK32 ONLY work for standard SAP delivered Condition Types (ex.

PR00). If you create any customer specific Condition Type codes

(ex. ZXXX)you can only create / maintain Condition Records for

them using VK11, VK12.

In VK11 you can store condition record for more than one condition

type. This means you can have same condition record for different condition types.This feature is given to enhance the system’s performance and not to create the duplication of the work for each condition type.

BOTH transactions allow mass entry and changes.


Sophia Xavier

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In <b>VK11 </b> You can choose one condition only where as in <b>VK31 </b>u can choose more condition types <b>VK31 </b>screen.

<b>VK11 </b>is to maintain a single condition record and <b>VK 31</b> is to maintain a group of condition records according to the situations.

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n The new interface allows mass maintenance of conditions based on characteristics (e.g. for the


n This means that condition records can now be maintained across all condition types and condition

tables. You will, for example, be able to display and maintain the material prices as well as the

discounts and surcharges for a customer in one step.

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in Vk31 diff condition types record like mat price, cust mat price we can see where as we can see only ind condition types in vk11