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WHAT IS Costing Version and What is the use ? (T.code : OKYD)

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Hi Experts,

What is Costing Version and what is the use? Where we can assign this to our organization units? How system pick up to execute multiple cost estimates for the same material?

Note. I am not asking about Controlling Version (T.code :OKEQ). I asking about Costing Version (T.Code : OKYD) ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bhagiradha,

Costing Version helps you when you want to create multiple Cost Estimates for the same material. That means, You

want to run the Standard Cost Estimate for the same material with different types of Costing Type and with

different selection parameters in Valuation Variants.

The same can be done by creating multiple Costing Variants also. But, creating multiple Costing Variants with all

the parameters consumes more time, Cost Version is the best alternative.

To understand better, when you go to CK11N, you have to give the Costing Version there. Normally you give Costing

Version 1 which is standard. But, if you create a separate Costing Version with different Costing Type and

Valuation Variant parameters in OKYD, then, if you choose this Costing Version in CK11N, system will estimate the

cost as per the parameters.

If you have created Costing Version "99" (for example) with different Costing Type and Valuation Variant parameters

(different than SAP Standard), then, you will be able to run the Standard Cost Estimate using both the Costing

Versions. At the time of Marking in CK24, in the "Marking Allowance" you will need to allow the combination of Your

Company code - Valuation View - Costing Version.

I hope it is clear..

Pls revert back for further clarification...

Srikanth Munnaluri

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Hi Srikanth,

I still wondering about how to choose more than 1 costing version in CK24?

May you give the detail explanation due to this?

Thank you,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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yo can use different type of costing versions

one is for planned cost and one is for actual cost and one is for comparision etc.,