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what is clearing account

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What is clearing account? why we use in sap? Examples for clearing account

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An account to which postings are recorded temporarily.

Clearing accounts are auxiliary accounts that exist for technical reasons and which are cleared repeatedly.

Postings may need to be made to a clearing account because of:

A time gap between accounting transactions (GR/IR clearing account)

Organizational task distribution (bank clearing account)

Accounting transactions requiring clarification

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Clearing accounts is nothing but - settling the outstandings / differences to balance the accounts.

Different Clearing accounts available in SAP : Company Code Clearing accounts (Cross Company code clearing accounts), G/L account clearing (Differences arising on G/L acct clearing - to clear the open line items which are not 100% cleared), GR/IR Clearings (Invoiced but not yet delivered / Delivered but not yet invoiced)


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Account Management (FS-AM)

An account in which incoming payments for a loan account are managed.

The clearing account is assigned to the loan account in its master data.