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What is better?- Separate MIC for each type with different specs

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I would like to know the SAP best practice in SAP QM module regarding the MICs.

We have 5-6 different materials each having its own Inspection Plan. The Moisture reading have different specs for all e.g with range of 1-5%, one with 90-100%, one with < 2%, one with <=20% and so on.

Should we create multiple MICs of Moisture with own specs using tcode QS21 or just create one MIC and in Inspection Plan make the required changes. This is just one example and we have many MICs of this scenario and also finally customized reports will also need to be developed for materials.

Keeping above in mind, what should be the best approach from maintaining and report development?



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Hi Faisal,

There is no good or bad way to create the MICs and use them in the inspection plan. The criteria should be the effort you need to create the MICs and inspection plans. We have 21 factories using the SAP QM module and we apply both ways you describe (MIC as complete copy model, MIC as incomplete copy model and specifications in inspection plan). The incomplete copy model is useful if the same measurement has to be taken for many materials with different specifications (we use an upload tool for our inspection plans which includes entering the specification limits for that MIC - with this approach you limit the effort for MIC creation).

In case you only have a few MICs to define and to be used in only a few materials I would go for the full copy model (specification already in the MIC).