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What is ARIS Tool? &How can we use it with SAP MM module implementaion?

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Dear Friends /Consultants /Seniors of the SAP forum,

1.What is ARIS Tool?

2.What is the purpose (actual need) of this tool? And is it useful to SAP MM

Consultant during the SAP Implementation? or support? or rollout? or upgrade?

3.For which Business Process SAP Implementation, this Tool (ARIS) can be implemented? ( I mean for which industry sector this tool can be implemented or used)

4.Pls explain any business Senario using this ARIS Tool for SAP MM module implementation...

5.Is this a thirdparty tool, or who's product it is?

6.Being a SAP MM Functional Consultant, how can we utilize it during the SAP MM Implementation.

Pls do the needful,



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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ARIS - stands for ARchitectur Integrated Systems.

This is proprietary tool fof IDS Sheer AG,

In layman's words we can say its a tool create Flow charts.

In business we don't say these as flow charts but as EPC chains.


This is a Designing tool of any kind of activity,from 4.6b ( i guess) SAP has Plug in to ARIS tool even.

For eg: If i wanna go and buy Sandwich,eat and come back to home.

its vey simple to say but if you map this in EPC.. there are lot of things come in picture.


1) I get up from desk

2) Walk out of thehouse

3) Start my car

4) drive my car to XX place

5) I buy sandwich

6) Should i eat or carry out

if eat - pay for it

look for vacant seat

eat sandwich

get out towards car

drive back to home

If Carry out

Pay for it

get out towards car

drive back to home

Eat sandwich...

it still depends on how micro level control you need .

for eg: in the above process we can also include

1) pick up my car key

2) Wear shoes etc etc....

Basic aim of this tool we donot miss any event ,and to have standard predefined process flow.

If some one has better answer, please let me know.


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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