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What is a Structured Material, what does 317, 319 movement types do

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Hi all,

Could you please tell me what is a structured material?

When can we use 317, 319 movement types and on what Material types?


Jyotsna Loomba

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A box of the structured material S contains 3 pieces of the component K1 and 4 pieces of the component K2. The following material document items result after the material is split at goods receipt:

Qty Unit Material Movement type

1 box S 101 +

1 box S 319 -

4 piece K1 319 +

5 piece K2 319 +

317 Creation of a structured material from constituent components (Retail)

A material split into its components using movement type 319 can be rejoined using movement type 317.

Movement type 317 has the same effect as a cancellation of movement type 319.

319 Split structured material into components (Retail)

You can enter the splitting of a structured material manually using movement type 319.

You can configure Customizing so that a structured material (for example, (z.B. set, prepack or display) is automatically split into its components at goods receipt. The system posts the split using movement type 319. In this process, the BOM header material is posted and each of the component stocks are increased.


Biju K

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Hi Biju,

Thanks for your reply. I am not using RETAIL SAP IS-Retail.

I have got a similar requirement for telecommunications where my final product is a mix of 2 individual products. So i need to create a final Product by consuming 2 Raw Materials.

Since this is a telecommunications Industry i cannot use Production Order way.

Please suggest which Material type do i use for Final Product. and which BOM Usage shall i use for creating BO which could be used during 319 movement type.

Please do respond as this is very important and urgent issue.


Jyotsna Loomba