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What is a AR payment advise?

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What is a AR payment advise? on what occasions we issue a customer payment advise? is it part of FBZP and F110? or is it part of some thing else?

Thank you in advance.


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The only payment advice i have heard of on AR side is when the customer pays u the amount and payment advice has the details of the invoices paid. if customer is paying u for 23 invoices together they will send the payment advice that they r paying for the said invoice/s. It is sometimes used in case when the payment is received via EDI. If you have the payment advice# then there is no need of the customer/vendor number field for clearing.


Payment Advice Number

Key of a payment advice for which the accompanying open items are to be



Fast selection of items which are listed in a payment advice. Residual

items and payments on account are created automatically if there are

differences between the payment advice and the open items.


Enter the number of the payment advice for which you want to select the

open items. Other selection specifications are ignored when you enter a

payment advice number.

If you specify a payment advice number, it is not necessary to enter the

account number of the customer or vendor. The account number is

transferred automatically from the payment advice. If you manage a large

number of payment advices in the system, specifying the account can

speed up the process.

You do not have to specify the payment advice number in full. You can

use the asterisk "*" to search for a generic entry.

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There may be many cases that may have to make the payments to customers.

1. Advance received from customer, but the future transactions with customer has been suspended due to any reason.

2. Credit notes raised in the system, but anticipated future normal transactions with that customer are remote.

3. Making advance payments to Customer.

Like these kind of cases, you can make the payment.

You need to do the same config. in FBZP and go through F110. There is no much difference.



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It is not clear to me Ravi, we pay the advance to vendors not to customers. We sell our products to customers and we receive the payment from customers for that sale, why do we pay to customers in advance??? in turn we have to receive right?

Please clarify. Thanks a lot