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What does the field LASTCHANGEDATE in CDS View I_SalesDocumentItem represent?

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The customer wants to create a custom report based on CDS View I_SalesDocumentItem and wants to use the field “LastChangeDate” to show the last change date of the sales order item, instead of the last change date of the sales order or the header of the sales order. The customer is wondering if field “LastChangeDate” can realize this requirement.

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In the data definition of the CDS View I_SalesDocumentItem, we can see that the field LASTCHANGEDATE is from the table "Sales Document: Item Data". However, the table "Sales Document: Header Data" also contains this field.

Some tests done on both sales order header and item level:

(1) Change the field customer reference on header level:

The "Changed On" field in both table "Sales Document: Header Data" and table "Sales Document: Item Data" are updated.

- This is because the change of the field customer reference has an impact both on header and item level. As a result of this, although the change was made on header level, the item level is also seen as "changed"

- When changes on the header level do not have impact on item level, the "Changed On" field in table "Sales Document: Item Data" will not be updated.

(2) Changed the field order quantity on item level:
For the "Changed On" field in table "Sales Document: Header Data", there is no change.The "Changed On" field in table "Sales Document: Item Data" is updated.

From all the above, we can understand in this way:

The field LASTCHANGEDATE for CDS View I_SalesDocumentItem can be understood as the last change date on item level. As long as there is a change on the item level (no matter changes happening directly on item level or the item level is changed "passively"), the field will be updated.