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What does system landscape for SAP means?

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Dear experts,

I know the system landscape in SAP (through Menu Path: TCode: STMS---> Transport Routes) is used to validate if the development, test, and production environments are properly segregated in the system. However, I want to know the meaning of the following symbols and flow, as depicted in the illustration below. I am a newbie to SAP, and I want to know in layman's term the technicalities presented in the landscape.

My specific questions are:

1. What does DEH and ZDEH, QE1, and PE1 means?

2. What does Transport Lay and Delivery means?

3. What is the meaning of the arrows/flows interconnecting the boxes?

Thank you very much for all the insights.



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In addition to Mohit's reply please refer the above link.

The arrows simply indicate the movement of changes and developments /codes /scripts from development to quality to production landscapes.

Below diagram is a simple way to understand this :



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Hi France,

DEH is Development client where we do all configuration for the system. Once the configuration is done we move (ZDEH) this configuration further to Quality client where testing is done (QE1), to verify the changes as per the requirement. And than if all goes fine we move it to Production client(PE1) which is the actual client where all the day to day transaction taken place.

Please go through the below link for further details:

Thanks and regards,

Mohit Gohil