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What does 'fcode' mean?

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Could anyone help me about 'fcode' that is in userexit SD module.

I review MV45AFZZ at SE38 and am curious about it.

and what are the 'LOES' , 'FLI1', 'FLIF' and .. Please help me


if sy-tcode+0(4) = 'VA01' and

fcode+0(4) <> 'LOES' and

fcode+0(4) <> 'FLI1' and

fcode+0(4) <> 'FLIF'.

thank you for everyone.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi vbakman,

Welcome to SDN forum.

'fcode' means function code of the pushbutton that you want to delete or Function code that will be passed to the application program by an event when the user chooses the pushbutton.

You use this method to change the status of an individual pushbutton:

CALL METHOD toolbar->set_button_state

EXPORTING enabled = enabled

checked = checked

fcode = fcode

EXCEPTIONS cntl_error = 1.


Swamy H P

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thank Swamy H P for answer.

i have a question how do i know fcode and wanna know type of fcode like 'LOES...', 'FLI1..' and


thank you for reading..

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please refer to the link - for function code.



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I am comfused about it and actually wanna know fcode of pushbutton.

can anyone help me about it?

thantk you