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What decides the currency in MIGO?

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I have a purchase order with document currency USD.

When I do goods receipt, the values in the fields "Net Price" and "Net Value" are the amounts from the purchase order in USD. But looking at the field "currency" (WAERS) it says NOK.

So my question is why does currency NOK show in MIGO when the amounts are in USD?



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Please see new and bigger screenshots, I was too eager in anonymising the data.

As you can see the PO is priced in USD. When it comes to PO history, the only thing done is GR in line 10. Item 20 has no purchase order history at all. No MIRO postings

Then when I do MIGO, it is the same net price as in the PO, but the currency is now company code currency NOK.

When I look at the FI postings, they are all ok. It contains the correct amount both in USD and local currency so it is only the MIGO screen which is not ok