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what can i do when a email is not sent to when the task is overdue in qm02 tcode

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what can I do when an email is not for one user when the task is overdue in QM02 TCode

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I guess you mean "an email has not been sent to a user although the task was overdue in qm02 tcode", so I guess you mean you have a WORKFLOW which generally works (emails are sent), but here it didn't work. If that's what you mean, I guess you have the GOS toolbar in QM02, from which you can check the associated workflow and its log.

EDIT: it seems I was completely wrong, it's not workflow at all, it's task in the sense of notification task, see detailed question and screenshots → QM02 Send email not showing pop up for recipients ... - SAP Community

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I put your question directly into ChatGPT and had quite a lengthy answer with steps to reconcile.

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In SAP QM module, when a task assigned to a user is overdue in transaction code QM02, and you receive an email notification that is not intended for that user firstluy verify task assignment. Double-check the task assignment in transaction QM02 to ensure that it is indeed assigned to the correct user. Sometimes, tasks may be mistakenly assigned to the wrong user, leading to confusion and incorrect notifications. Also, review the notification settings configured in the system to determine why the email notification was sent to the incorrect user. Ensure that the notification rules and recipients are correctly configured based on the task status and deadlines.