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What are Z fields and how they work.

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Dear SAP Guru's    

             Can any body explain the what are Z-fields. and how they work. As per my knowledge these Z-fields are used in Special scenario when standard sap does not support (please correct me if i am wrong). please explain me any one scenario with Z fields.

Thanks in advance

Regards Rao

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Hi Rao,

Yes, u r right..Z - fields are generally created when standard SAP doesn't support.

A simple example is suppose the client wants to enter DD no. in SAP standard order screen (VA01/VA02), there is no provision in the the screen as such. so you can modify/add the standard screen  lets say in header of sales order a field which can capture this DD No. This can be done with the help of ABAPer. Now again based on this fied you can write a logic as per ur requirement,

Eg: Order should be saved only if this field is entered can be done with help of some user exits.

Also When we create any Z - Condition type we copy standard condition type which is more relevant for our requirement and modify it as Z condition type (Eg: ZR00 copied from PR00), generally customized objects will be starting with Z or Y because while upgrading the present system release to new release SAP will not over write these Z objects.

Hope this will help u.