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What are Z fields and how they work.

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Dear SAP Guru's    

             Can any body explain the what are Z-fields. and how they work. As per my knowledge these Z-fields are used in Special scenario when standard sap does not support (please correct me if i am wrong). please explain me any one scenario with Z fields.

Thanks in advance

Regards Rao

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rao,

Yes, u r right..Z - fields are generally created when standard SAP doesn't support.

A simple example is suppose the client wants to enter DD no. in SAP standard order screen (VA01/VA02), there is no provision in the the screen as such. so you can modify/add the standard screen  lets say in header of sales order a field which can capture this DD No. This can be done with the help of ABAPer. Now again based on this fied you can write a logic as per ur requirement,

Eg: Order should be saved only if this field is entered can be done with help of some user exits.

Also When we create any Z - Condition type we copy standard condition type which is more relevant for our requirement and modify it as Z condition type (Eg: ZR00 copied from PR00), generally customized objects will be starting with Z or Y because while upgrading the present system release to new release SAP will not over write these Z objects.

Hope this will help u.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Z fields it means our own requirement field sap not available fields , you make a enhancement fields , like pricing tables , you make different fields you want on that time you make enhancements , for author truncation  also you can use Z fields'

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Sometime there is requirement from Client to store some data in SAP Tables & required Fields are not available in SAP. In such cases we need to create additional Z-Fields in SAP Standard Tables.

We need access code from SAP to do this & this is generally not advised.

For example you are into Contruction Business & you need to enter create Invoice to Customer based on Percentage of Work complete. Now ar time of creating Sales Order, obviously the actual completion figures are not available. Thus we have to create Z-Fields in VBAK Table when user will enter the Completion percentage figure & system will create Invoice accordingly.

Also please note that this addition of Z-Field in SAP Standard Table will be at client level & will be visible in VBAK Table for all the company codes in that client.

Hope this helps,


Jignesh Mehta