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What are the functionality of MPD and Component List?

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Dear All,

I have read all the documents available at but still have some confusion.

Upto my understanding:

MPD (Maintenance Program Definition)

MPD stores documents provided by OEM and these documents can be utilized and validate via DMS module.

MPD only supports Multiple counter plans and we can attach document in the task lists for these plans.

My question is

Is there any other functionality / information available for MPD?

Component List in Log book

Component list is attached on notification to help us to plan to install, remove, replace components in equipment structure. The components relevant information is viewed its individual status that is maintained in component list.

My queries are

Component list is the part of master data and same as Equipment BOM that can be opened in notification just like we open, assign and view equipment BOM in maintenance order components tab?

Should we create new component list, Whenever we create notification and we require material to be replace, install, remove etc.?

what is its actual use?


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1. MPD is used to create Maintenance Plan, Schedule the plan and Create an Outstanding Notification [call object] based on the AB/SB or other documents you receive from the Aviation Authority/OEM. The Notification can be packaged in a Revision [WPS1] to create Orders automatically.

MPD is mainly used to created and schedule plans automatically based on the inputs available in CV01N.

2. Are you referring to LBK1 transaction ?

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  I tried to attached an old MPD PPT for you (but too big, sorry) but please bear in mind that the functionality has been continuously updated since it was produced.  Here are the high points.  You should probably also get a hold of the latest product roadmap for iMRO to see where the solution is at now.

  • Creating and managing Maintenance Programs for the entire fleet of aircraft in accordance with manufacturer and authority regulations
  • Handling Engineering Orders including service bulletins (SBs) and airworthiness directives (ADs)
  • Schedule maintenance tasks for aircraft and components according to engineering documentation (MPD and EOs)
  • Provide compliance reports to ensure that maintenance is scheduled and performed according to engineering documentation (MPD and EOs)
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Yes.., one can specify the fleet type in the Effectivity to generate and manage maintenance plan based on the fleet type, also maintenance plan can be created based on the TO document, i.e when they do MOD on an aircraft, also one can initiate and terminate the created plans with other plans.

Kindly can you please send me the PPT for my reference so that it will be helpful for me to know the new trends in MRO. My email id -

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Done, hopefully it helps.