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What are the criteria for schedule line splitting in sales order item?

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Dear all,

I have a question about Schedule Lines splitting in sales order items. I have run through other threads, yet have not found a clear answer for my specific case.

Just a word on the context. In our organization, sales orders are not created in ERP, but rather in a third party system which sends a message which is itself converted into an idoc. This idoc eventually creates the sales order in the system, with the standard rules defined in ECC.

We do use Route Schedule, so that Goods issue date, Loading date, ... are determined through the Route Schedules maintained, and Shipping point customization.

Sometimes, it happens that some Sales order cannot be delivered at the Customer required delivery date, because this delivery date does not match any Route Schedule for the Customer.

In this case, Schedule line at sales order level is split in two, see the following image:

Customer has ordered to be delivered on the 24th (a wednesday), yet no Route Schedule is maintained for wednesdays (day 3) for this Customer. However, it has a Route Schedule on Thursdays, therefore the line item has been split:

(JE stands for Jeudi, which is thursday)

I have run several tests, and to me it appears that the rule would be: "if not all the quantity can be delivered at the Customer required delivery date (because of shipping point schedule constraints or Route Schedule constraints), then the system will split the Schedule lines according to availability check rule of the sales organization (with or without dialog box)".

Can anyone confirm that this is the case, and/or redirect me to some documentation?

Thanks in advance.



PS: sorry for the caps, I can't help having them appearing when I type.

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Have a look at OSS note 2196410