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what are the condition types we will found

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hi gurus

when we are doing invoice what are the tax condition types we will get.

what about vat conditon type In invoice they will charge 12.5 where it will post in to accounting?

what are the tax conditon types we will find. Please let me know this issues.

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear nag

Following are the tax conditions which normally flow in billing document.

1) JMOD - Excise Duty

2) JEX2 - 100% of BED

3) JECS - 2% ECess

4) JECX - 100% of JECS

5) JA1X - 1% of Sec & Hr.ECess

6) JA1Y - 100% of JA1X

7) JIN7 - VAT


G. Lakshmipathi

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thanks lakshmi pathi

how the accounting enteris will occur

Where taxes post like balance sheet or profit and loss

how the prices will fall in fi

please let me know

thanks in advance

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A/C entries and taxes are linked from various sources.

like customer master 1.Recon A/C 2.Account assignment group.

2.Pricing procedure Account key's like ERL,ZOE,ZR1 etc

3.By using T.code VKOA Finance team will assign this G/L accounts.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Condition Type:

Every element of pricing is called a Condition Type.

Every Condition Type / Element will have a standard Technical Name.

Few Standard Condition Types are:




T.Code V/06 is used to define the Condition Types.

The following are the VAT Condition Types i found in my system. I am working on ECC 5.0.

J1AP - VAT Perception I

J1AQ - VAT Perception II

J1AR - VAT Surcharge RNI


There are around 256 condition types given by the Standard SAP System.

For our pricing configuration we can choose our own condition type from the list. In case a condition type does not match the requirement then we can copy the condition type and modify according to the requirement.

values are maintained for eveey condition type. i.e. condition records are maintained for condition types inside the condition table.

Pricing Procedure