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Weight For Batch Split is ZERO

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Hi all

i am facing  Weight and volume problems when creating any  inbound delivery with a batch split

the Weight & Volume  for an item is calculated right only if there is no batch split !

Example :

i have a material that wight 20 KG  if i decided to do a batch split for lets say (10 pc) for a material  5 PC each batch

the weight for that material is zero but the batch weight is 5 each 

how can we overcome this problem  so the main item has the right total weight ?

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Please do F1 for gross weight and volume field. SAP explains how it is calculated.

then check how the gross weight is in your sales order and how it is defined in your material master alternative units view.

If you still need help, then post the screenshots with those figures

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thank you jurgen for answering me

the weight and volume are maintained in the material master data basic view and since we are using the Basic units of measurement there is no needed relation in the alternative view

also am here creating an inbound delivery which is not associated with any sales order but with normal stock PO that shows the weight / volume  with no problem

here is another snapshot to get more clear info on the problem

now if you pay a closer look to the first three line items in the above screenshot you will find the weight  volume fields populated  with  ZERO  --which is wrong- !!

however the 4th line have a numerical weight and volume (notice it is the same material as line item three) but because of batch split in the first three line items we are only getting the weight per batch sub-item  which i believe is not a right practice nor its practical thing by SAP if you consider what an ASN means

any help here from you would be great

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I did not necessarily mean that you worked with alternative units, I just wanted you to check the entries for gross weight and volume  in that material master view.

I do not know what could have caused that the accumulated fields are not filled, maybe the weights and volumes got maintained after the delivery creation but before the batch split was done. To verify this you would need to check the change history in material master.

SAP has numerous OSS notes for incorrect weights and volumes, however, what I found were   mainly the notes for correcting the data, but I could just find one that fixes a bug that causes such trouble.

Please check the notes: 68548 - KCMENG is incorrect

and    337222 - WSLIPS03: Current Version

and the related notes mentioned in those notes.

And this is one which fixes a bug, 1381212 - Cumul.weight/volume not copied when creating from outb. del.

I would implement it , create a new PO and inbound delivery to see if your error is gone. If it is still there then you should open a ticket at SAP yourself.