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We need to mass change "set the project summarization field (PRPS-CLASF)"

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Dear Collegues,

We have created around 14.500 WBS elements unchecked the project summarization field (PRPS-CLASF) and then we need to change it, however in the CNMASS transaction this field unavailable.

How can we do it?

Best Regards,

Lima, Vanderlin

Edited by: Vanderlin Lima on Feb 8, 2008 6:41 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can't think of any standard way to set it. I would suggest you to use BDC/LSMW to check this inidcator.

Example for simple BDC:

Use T Code SHDB to record the transaction, i.e, open a single WBS in CJ02 and set the indicator. Stop the recording and use mail merge to pass the WBS values. Execute the process after you import the file which contains the recorded details (screens-values) and WBS's to which the indicator needs to be set. Be careful using this and make sure you don't do anything else other than setting the indicator. Take help of an ABAPer.

If you set the project summarisation indicator in the project profile (Control Tab) 'All WBS Elements', any new WBS created using this profile will have the indicator set. Also set Project summarization via master data charact indicator if you are deriving any summarisation reports.

Unfortunately this doesn't set the indicator for the WBS which were created earlier.

Lets wait for others view on this. There could be something standard.



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