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WCM: Complete Operational WCD when WCI items still in Test untagging status ETUG

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Greetings Experts, Gurus and SAP Sages!

I am facing a requirement to prevent the WCD from being set to "Completed" (CLSD) system status if there are items on the WCD that are still in "Untagged Temporarily" (ETUG) status.

As per the Operational Cycle process described here,the the EUG status should follow the ETUG status in the flow. My understanding of this business process is that you want to set the technical object of the WCI in a final operating condition status after it's been test-ran and untagged, so that it is apparent it is running operationally, and you can't switch the operating condition status once the WCD is complete. Therefore, I would expect the flow to be: ETG -> BTUG -> ETUG -> EUG -> CLSD

I seem to remember from a previous project, but am uncertain: Is there a setting in the configuration, or an authorization object that controls wheter the CLSD status can be set with the WCIs in status ETUG, or in EUG only? Is that standard behaviour? Can we prevent the ECD from being closed from ETUG status in any other way that using a BADI?

I am on ECC6 EHP5.

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Hi Sebastian,

no there does not exist such kind of setting. It is a standard behaviour. You must implement for example the following BAdI:


You can use this method to check whether a WCM object can be closed.

Regards, Uwe

You can find a reference list of all BAdIs on the WCM website.

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Thank you, Uwe! We are looking into the development with this BADI you mentioned.