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hi all,

what is WBS (work breakdown strategy) and why is it used and where? can any one explain breifly?

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It is used for Account assignment in PO like Cost centre..

But the WBS is defined in PS, and it will not have any org Structure,

you can define any org structure based on your requirement..

It goes to the bottom most level, where you can capture Cost/ revenue

per WBS...

Cost centre have limitations but WBS have no limitations..

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Work Breakdwon Structure

The work breakdown structure (WBS) is a model of the project that organizes project tasks into a hierarchy.

It is the functional basis for further planning steps in a project, for example, for process planning, cost planning, scheduling, capacity planning or costing, as well as project control.

It gives you a clear picture of the project and facilitates the coordination and implementation of the project from a management standpoint.

It shows the work involved in a project.

Hope below link will help you



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Hello Friend

I could find information contained in the following link is os some use to you