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WBS WIP calculation postings in FI

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Dear Experts,


I have a case which requires a specific experience. 

Company should obey two different legislation. That is why they use accounting entries in leading ledger and the other in non-leading ledger for two legislation.

The case is one side which posts to non-leading ledger will use WBS elements for their services and would like to use WIP calculation with POC method RA. However they want to post it only to FI non-leading ledger. I checked KKA2 t-code RA for project but there is no ledger selection. 

Is it possible to post it to a selected ledger or any non-leading ledger without leading ledger ?

Is there any connection between RA version and ledgers ?





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Hello Kanan, give a try to below 

create new RA version & RA key do all the related connfiguration, then in OKG8 (posting rule setting) give specific accounting principle tagged to non-leading ledger only for RA version. Also pay attention to record number column try giving first 0 then 2.


Sumesh Gupta