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WBS settlement to AUC - use original cost elements?

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Hello gurus

We have an allocation structure which settles project WBS costs to AUC.

The issue is that it is using a single settlement cost element for all the costs going to the AUC.

I notice there is a tick box 'by cost element' in the 'Allocation structure:settlement cost elements' entry for FXA.

What is the result of using this tick box?

We would like the original cost elements in the WBS to be credited rather than the single one.

Is this possible?

Thanks everyone

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- we do not have secondary cost elements posted

- we do not use budget checking

As I said, we would like the original cost elements against the WBS to be credited. The single one is causing problems because it posts in total to 55291 (as in the configuration) which does not reconcile back to the many cost elements posted to the WBS.

Is this possible?

What is the effect of the check box 'by cost element' as we do not understand the help text on this checkbox field and are not sure if this could solve the problem (or there is a downside to using this). If this is not possible we would like to know as well.

Thanks all

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I cannot agree that it is difficult to observe a balance on a single object.  But back to your question, - it is possible for primary cost elements.