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WBS / Project Status should be set TECO after settling Planned costs

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Hi All,

Customer has a requirement that, before setting the status of WBS / Project to TECO, he wants to check whether planned costs are settled or not? If not settled, the system should not allow to set the status to TECO.

Can you please help me how this can be achieved?

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This reqirement cannot not be satisfied fully with user status. It requries manual interventation as user status only can set TECO and allow your to do planned settlemtn but will not does settlement or check in system whether planned settlmenet is done or not that ?

There other way around is there but it will not fully cover whole requirement.

You create 2 user status

PLSE ( Planned settlement ) where you prohibit all the business transaction except planned settlemment ( So, here user can only do Planned settlement but system will not remind user. user has to do it's own. After that user will cahgne PLSE to PLDO.

PLDO ( Planned setttlemtn done) THe setting of PLDO will intur set TECO.

Make user yoursettling so it is impossible to activate PLDO directly etc...

I understand for catering exact requirement you need to go for development.

With Regards

Nitin P.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You can use User Status to achieve this. I havent tried this but i guess you can maintain a user status that forbids setting the TECO status until planned costs are settled. Once the planned costs are settled, based on authorization, maintain and set the user status that allows you to set the TECO status.